Ukraine's SBU strikes deep in Russian territory, blowing up fuel train

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.01 - 2023 2:18 PM CET


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In a striking display of strategic reach, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has executed a daring operation, resulting in the explosion of a fuel train on the Baikal-Amur railway in the Russian Federation. This operation marks a significant blow to the Russian military logistics, showcasing the SBU's extensive capabilities.

The operation, as described by a source within Ukrainska Pravda's law enforcement agencies, was carefully orchestrated in two stages to disrupt the crucial railway line extensively used by Russia for military purposes. The initial phase saw the explosion of a freight train within the Northern Tunnel. In response, Russian forces began utilizing an alternate route via the "Devil's Bridge," a decision that played into the hands of the SBU.

During the train's transit across the 35-meter high bridge, pre-planted explosive devices were detonated, leading to a catastrophic explosion.

According to reports from Russian Telegram channels, the blast set six tanks ablaze, necessitating the deployment of a fire train to manage the inferno.

This operation underscores the reach and efficiency of the Ukrainian intelligence and their ability to penetrate deep into Russian territory. A quote from the source poignantly highlights the extent of Ukrainian infiltration: "Russian special services should get used to the fact that our people are everywhere. Even in faraway Buryatia."

The successful execution of such an operation by the SBU not only inflicts tangible damage on Russian military logistics but also serves as a powerful psychological tool, demonstrating Ukraine's resilience and strategic prowess. The incident is a clear message to the Russian forces about Ukraine's unwavering determination and capability to strike back effectively.