Ukrainian widow's heartrending discovery: Pregnant with twins after husband's war death

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.29 - 2023 8:32 AM CET


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In an emotionally resonant post by Anton Gerashchenko, journalist and Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the story of Svitlana Tleniuk, a Ukrainian woman who tragically lost her husband Bohdan in the ongoing war, has come to light.

The narrative takes an even more poignant turn when, just days after Bohdan's funeral, Svitlana discovers she is pregnant with twins.

The story, originally sourced from Suspilne, The Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine, captures the depth of loss and the spark of new life amidst the backdrop of war.

Svitlana, in a tender gesture of remembrance and love, wears Bohdan's wedding ring around her neck. She describes it as "like having a piece of his heart with me," symbolizing her enduring connection to her late husband.

This personal account reflects the broader human impact of the conflict in Ukraine. It's a tale of love, loss, and legacy, set against the harsh realities of war. As Svitlana navigates her grief and the prospect of motherhood to twins, she remains committed to preserving and honoring the memory of Bohdan, ensuring that the "treasures" he left behind – their unborn children – will know their father's story.

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