US Approves $360 Million Arms Sale to Taiwan

Written by Camilla Jessen

Jun.19 - 2024 7:31 AM CET

The US State Department has approved a significant arms sale to Taiwan.

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The US State Department has approved a large arms sale to Taiwan. The deal includes advanced drones and missiles worth $360 million.

This move aims to boost Taiwan's security and help maintain stability and balance in the region, according to the Pentagon.

Details of the Deal

The arms package includes:

  • Switchblade 300 Missiles: Anti-personnel and anti-tank guided missiles valued at approximately $60.2 million.

  • Altius 600M-V Drones: Drones worth around $300 million.

Response from Taiwan

Taiwan's Defense Ministry thanked the US for expanding arms sales.

"Given the frequent military operations of the Chinese communists around Taiwan, these U.S.-approved arms sales will be able to detect and attack in real time and respond quickly to threats," the ministry stated, as reported by Kurier.

It also stressed that peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait need China's cooperation and urged China to stop its military actions around Taiwan.

China has increased military pressure on Taiwan, including military exercises around the island.

Despite not having formal diplomatic relations, the US is required by law to help Taiwan defend itself, which often angers Beijing.