VIDEO: Putin spotted in China with Russian nuclear briefcase

Written by Jeppe W

Oct.18 - 2023 1:52 PM CET

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In an unusual display that has drawn international attention, Russian President Vladimir Putin was seen in Beijing, China accompanied by officers carrying the so-called nuclear briefcase.

This briefcase, also referred to as the "nuclear football," holds the means and codes for the Russian head of state to authorize a nuclear strike.

The rare footage emerged on Wednesday, shortly after President Putin had a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing.

In the video, Putin can be seen walking towards another meeting, surrounded by a security entourage. Notably, trailing closely behind him are two Russian naval officers in uniform, each clutching a briefcase.

At one point, the camera distinctly zooms in, providing a closer view of one of the briefcases.

Speculations and Concerns

The presence of the nuclear briefcase during a foreign visit, especially one of this nature, has inevitably led to widespread speculation and concern.

It's uncommon for world leaders to so openly display their country's nuclear capabilities in such a manner.

The motives behind such an overt show remain the subject of much debate among international relations experts.

Some speculate that this might be a show of strength and solidarity between Russia and China, especially given the strategic partnership between the two nations.

Others see it as a gesture of assertiveness, signaling to the world that Russia is prepared to defend its interests regardless of the location.

Watch the video here:

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