Video: Violence Erupts at Pro-Palestinian Rally in Amsterdam

Written by Camilla Jessen

May.10 - 2024 10:17 AM CET

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
A pro-Palestinian rally involving several thousand people took place in Amsterdam, resulting in the arrest of three individuals.

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In Amsterdam, a pro-Palestinian demonstration escalated into several arrests and minor skirmishes with police. The event, which drew several thousand participants, was largely peaceful until tensions flared in Spui Square.

According to NL Times, the Amsterdam police detained three individuals during the Thursday night demonstration on charges of making criminally punishable insults and incitement to hatred.

The arrests came amid heightened security measures following previous protests outside a local university.

Tensions Escalate on Spuy Square

The situation escalated when demonstrators obstructed a police vehicle's path, leading to brief clashes.

Footage from AT5 TV channel showed police officers striking demonstrators as they attempted to clear the way.

Some protesters sat on the carriageway of Place de la Spui, while others gathered on the steps of the university building but were eventually dispersed by the police.

In response to the increasing unrest, law enforcement officials announced their intention to maintain a visible presence throughout the city to quickly address any disturbances.

This announcement followed remarks by Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who criticized some participants of recent student-led pro-Palestinian actions for crossing the line. Rutte emphasized the need to prevent attacks on police and damage to property.

Previously, protesters had barricaded the University of Amsterdam, using desks and fencing to block its canal-side entrance, demanding the university sever all ties with Israeli institutions. The police subsequently dispersed the demonstrators, mirroring actions taken the day before.

Call for Nonviolent Demonstration

Amid the unrest, some university employees have voiced their opposition to the administration's handling of the protests.

An open letter condemned the forceful cessation of student protests and announced plans for further action on Monday, May 13.

The planned demonstration aims to "restore the right to nonviolent demonstration and sever ties with Israeli institutions that violate human rights," according to the letter.

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