Viral: This magician fails on stage, but recovers in the most amazing way!

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.04 - 2023 11:50 AM CET


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An Instagram post by Meadow Perry, a renowned magician and bubble artist, has recently gone viral, capturing the attention of thousands.

Known for her internationally acclaimed show "Bubble Magic," Perry has a reputation for mesmerizing audiences with her unique and delicate art form.

Her recent performance, however, gained particular attention not just for its usual enchantment but for an unexpected onstage failure that Perry turned into a triumph. As she puts it, "The nature of bubbles is that they're always just a little unpredictable and no two shows are ever the same."

This unpredictability became the highlight when a bubble trick didn't go as planned. However, Perry's quick thinking and skilled improvisation turned the moment into a viral sensation, showcasing her mastery of the art.

Meadow Perry's journey in the world of magic and bubble artistry has been marked by notable achievements. She has appeared on The CW's "Masters of Illusion" and performed at prestigious venues such as The Hollywood Magic Castle. Her expertise extends beyond performances; she is also involved in teaching bubble artistry, sharing her knowledge and passion for this unique craft.

Her collaborations have spanned various brands, including Biore and South Beach Bubbles, reflecting the wide appeal of her art. Perry's ability to blend entertainment with artistic expression has made her a sought-after figure in the world of magic and performance art.

Watch the amazing video of Meadow Perry right here:

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