Watch TikTok star get attacked by magpie - She fears eye injury

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.04 - 2023 9:46 AM CET


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Australian TikTok star Sarah Jade had a terrifying experience when she was suddenly attacked by a magpie. The bird attacked her and pecked directly into her eye.

Sarah Jade, who has a fear of birds, was taken by surprise by the attack and came dangerously close to losing one of her eyes.

She did not immediately notice the magpie's attack, and it was only after watching the video footage of the incident that she realized how close she had come to losing her eye.

After the attack, Sarah feared the possibility of an eye infection, but fortunately, she avoided this outcome. Magpies can become more aggressive during mating and egg-laying seasons, which was likely the reason for the attack.

Sarah Jade shared the video of the terrifying attack on her TikTok profile, where she described her traumatic experience.

Watch the video of the attack here: