Zelensky Celebrates Big Ukrainian Accomplishment

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.25 - 2023 8:12 PM CET

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Zelensky Celebrates Big Ukrainian Accomplishment.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced a significant military achievement on Monday, stating that Ukraine's armed forces had successfully downed five Russian aircraft within a week.

This accomplishment, Zelensky believes, sets a positive tone for the upcoming year, demonstrating Ukraine's growing capabilities in air defense and negotiations with partners.

The downed aircraft included about 30 Shahed drones and several missiles, along with two more Russian "Su" aircraft.

Ukraine's Resilience in Wartime

Marking Ukraine's second Christmas during the ongoing war, Zelensky expressed his gratitude to the country's troops for their steadfast defense against enemy attacks. He emphasized the importance of a strong air defense in reducing Russian presence in Ukrainian skies and on their land.

This resilience and determination are crucial as Ukraine continues to navigate the almost two-year war with Russia since Moscow's invasion in February 2022.

Challenges in International Support

Despite these successes, Ukraine faces challenges in securing continued international support.

The Biden administration in the U.S. has encountered difficulties with Congress over funding Ukraine's aid, with public opinion and some Republican members growing skeptical of ongoing support.

Zelensky's recent visit to Washington aimed to secure more aid but yielded less than hoped, with legislators leaving for holidays without an agreement on funding.

However, Zelensky remains optimistic about U.S. support, confident that "the United States will not betray us."

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