Zelensky Steadfast on Global Peace Summit Despite Challenges

Written by Henrik Rothen

May.05 - 2024 9:18 AM CET

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
President Zelensky Vows Summit Success Amid Opposition.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stands firm on the upcoming Global Peace Summit, scheduled for June 15-16 in Switzerland.

In a recent evening video address reported by Ukrinform, Zelensky assured the international community and his nation that the summit would proceed successfully, undeterred by any attempts at disruption.

Unity Against Adversity

With a tone of resolute determination, President Zelensky expressed his confidence in the collective strength and diplomacy of Ukraine and its allies.

"All of us should remember that Russia can only be forced to leave Ukraine alone. And this will happen. Our strength will definitely make it happen," he asserted.

Zelensky highlighted the unified efforts across various teams within Ukraine and partner countries working tirelessly to ensure a significant political outcome at the summit.

Confronting Challenges

Zelensky did not shy away from naming the primary antagonist in the current geopolitical drama—Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Describing Putin's aversion to peace as a reflection of madness, Zelensky accused the Russian leader and his administration of continuous hostile acts.

"Putin does not want peace, he is insane, and every day his state does new things to prove it," Zelensky stated, emphasizing the need for global unity to combat what he termed "evil" and end the war.

The Global Peace Summit represents a pivotal moment for international diplomacy, particularly in relation to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

With leaders from around the world set to convene in Switzerland, the stakes are high but so is the potential for a landmark resolution.

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