A mismatched pair: Chihuahua lives with Great Dane - the 'giant' dog's reaction wins everyone's hearts

Written by Kathrine Frich

Jun.19 - 2024 12:51 PM CET

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot
Their size difference hasn't hindered their friendship

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Dexter, a giant Great Dane, and Pete, a small Chihuahua, have quickly captured millions of hearts with their unique friendship.

This is reported by the Brazilian media Amomeupet.

Couldn't be more different

It's hard to imagine two dogs being more different. Dexter, with his impressive height of around 80 centimeters, and Pete, who barely reaches 30 centimeters, present a contrast that is hard to overlook.

But their size difference hasn't hindered their friendship. In fact, they became best friends the first time they met.

The owner of the two dogs has created a TikTok profile where the dogs' daily lives are documented. This profile is a clear testament to Pete's love for climbing around on his big friend and sleeping close by his side.

Mutual respect

In turn, Dexter shows great care towards little Pete, always making sure not to harm him when they play together.

TikTok users find their relationship fascinating due to the mutual respect and care they show each other. Dexter is calm and gentle, while Pete exudes confidence and courage despite his small size.

Through their TikTok profile, Dexter and Pete continue to bring smiles to their followers. Their daily adventures demonstrate that even the most unlikely friendships can blossom.