Amusing Chocolate Mishap Turns into a Costly Lesson: Be Careful with Your Dog This Christmas

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.12 - 2023 6:15 PM CET

Foto: TikTok
Foto: TikTok
Be Careful with Your Dog This Christmas.

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A woman named Erin Lewis got a surprise when she discovered that her dog Mow, a Cocker Spaniel, had eaten an entire tub of Celebrations chocolate. The funny incident quickly turned to concern, as chocolate can be dangerous for dogs.

Erin, who owns a beauty salon in Birkenhead, knew that Mow was a greedy little bandit, but she rushed to make sure he wasn't in danger. She immediately contacted the vet and booked an out-of-hours appointment, which cost her $10.85

Previous chocolate disasters

It wasn't the first time that Mow had had a chocolate crisis. Last year, he ate an entire chocolate cake.

Erin found a lot of chocolate paper scattered around the living room and Mow licking his lips contentedly.

At the vet, it was found that the chocolate had settled in Mow's stomach, causing him to look bloated. After an injection that helped him get the chocolate out of his system, he felt much better.

Important advice from Erin

"If anyone finds themselves in this situation with a greedy dog, make sure you get them to the vets within four hours of eating the chocolate," said Erin, adding "just make sure you look after your dogs and don't let them eat Bounties for a living."

Dangerous foods for dogs

Chocolate can be deadly for dogs and many other Christmas foods contain harmful toxins. Professionals advise owners to keep these foods away and out of dogs' reach. Robin Hargreaves, Senior Veterinary Advisor for Agria Pet Insurance, said:

"Traditional Christmas foods, such as mince pies and Christmas pudding, are full of things that are poisonous to our pets, including raisins and grapes."

Precautions in Christmas

It is always better to be extra careful and prevent access to these foods as well as other Christmas hazards throughout the festive season. Erin and Mow's story serves as a funny but important reminder to take care of our four-legged friends during the holidays. Luckily, they got away with the scare.

Watch Erin's story below

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