Attorney: "There's no way for Trump to escape this"

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.09 - 2023 12:14 PM CET

"There's no way for Trump to escape this"

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Michael Cohen, former attorney for Donald Trump, is set to testify against the former president in an ongoing New York business fraud trial.

Cohen told CNN that Trump is directly implicated in the case and "there's no way for him to escape this."

Prosecutors allege that Trump and his sons manipulated asset values to secure better loan and insurance terms.

A judge has already ruled that Trump committed fraud, and the current trial aims to determine the financial penalties, which could amount to $250 million.

Cohen estimates that the total damages could exceed $600 million, a sum Trump may not have the liquidity to cover.

Cohen, who has previously served time for testifying against Trump, confirmed that he has evidence to support the prosecution.

Trump recently dropped a civil suit against Cohen, which Cohen believes is due to Trump's reluctance to testify under oath.

Despite appeals from Trump's legal team, the New York court has allowed the trial to proceed while temporarily preserving Trump's business licenses in the state.

Watch the interview in the video below

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