Debate Within Democrats: Should Biden Stay or Step Aside?

Written by Kathrine Frich

Jul.04 - 2024 4:03 PM CET

Photo: Lev Radin /
Photo: Lev Radin /
Biden affirmed his commitment during an online meeting.

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President Biden and the Democratic Party find themselves in a precarious situation.

According to Aftonbladet instead of focusing on attacking their opponent Trump, the party is embroiled in debates over whether their own candidate is mentally fit enough to continue.

Biden Affirmed Commitment

Following his recent debate performance, which was widely criticized, speculation has mounted about Biden's ability to sustain his candidacy.

Reports suggest internal discussions within the campaign about handling concerns from both voters and donors regarding Biden's capabilities.

In an effort to dispel doubts, Biden affirmed his commitment during an online meeting with his campaign staff, asserting, "I am the Democratic Party's candidate. No one can force me out. I am not dropping out. I am in this race to the end, and we will win."

Improbable Without Consensus

The debate within the party intensifies between those advocating for a change due to Biden's perceived mental decline and those arguing against replacing him with only four months left until the election. While some party delegates theoretically could challenge Biden at the Democratic National Convention starting August 19, it remains highly improbable without consensus on a replacement candidate.

Recent polls showing Trump widening his lead by three percentage points post-debate have added pressure on Biden. Despite efforts to reassure skeptics through upcoming media appearances and campaign events, any perceived misstep could escalate calls for his withdrawal.

The stakes are high not only for the presidency but also for Congress, with Democrats risking control of both the House and Senate. The underlying concern is the impact on U.S. democracy if Trump were to return to power, a scenario that many fear.

As Biden weighs his options, including his legacy and the party's electoral prospects, the debate continues. Supporters highlight Biden's resilience and past electoral successes, questioning whether replacing him with a lesser-known candidate would improve their chances against Trump.