Donald Trump: Biden's Administration is Threat to Democracy

Written by Henrik Rothen

May.26 - 2024 12:55 PM CET

Photo: Jonah Elkowitz /
Photo: Jonah Elkowitz /
In a series of posts on Truth Social, former President Donald Trump has leveled numerous accusations against Joe Biden and his administration, which he describes as a threat to democracy.

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Former President Donald Trump issued a vehement critique of the Biden administration in a series of impassioned posts on Truth Social while rallying his supporters ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Trump emphasized fundamental freedoms and condemned what he perceives as the encroachment of Marxist ideology within the United States.

"Everyone here tonight believes that we must fight for the same fundamental freedoms: Freedom of Expression. Freedom of Religion. Freedom to own a Firearm. Freedom from over-Taxation. Freedom from over-Regulation. Freedom from government Discrimination," Trump wrote.

He stressed the importance of free speech as essential to maintaining a free country.

Trump also denounced Marxism, describing it as "an evil doctrine straight from the ashes of hell" and intolerable in government or educational settings.

He accused the current administration of promoting this ideology and labeled it as detrimental to children and society.

'Threats to Democracy'

Donald Trump criticized U.S. foreign policy, particularly the role of the military in regime change wars, advocating instead for a focus on defending American soil.

He linked economic issues, such as inflation, to President Joe Biden's policies, calling it "a monstrous THEFT from the American People."

Trump's posts extended to a broader indictment of the current administration and its perceived threats to democracy. He argued that the greatest dangers come from within the country, pointing to "tyrants, Communists, Fascists, and thugs attacking our rights and liberties."

Trump's mission, he asserted, is to liberate the nation from these influences and restore the Republic.

Looking ahead to the 2024 election, Trump framed it as a decisive battle, pledging to dismantle what he calls the "Deep State" and remove various ideological groups from power. "The Great Liberation of America Begins on November 5th, 2024—And the Forgotten Man and Woman Will Be Forgotten No Longer!" he proclaimed.

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