British Princess Anne Hospitalized After Incident With Horse

Written by Kathrine Frich

Jun.24 - 2024 1:47 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock
She Suffered Head Injuries.

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Princess Anne has been admitted to Southmead Hospital in Bristol following a minor incident on her Gatcombe Park estate. Buckingham Palace confirmed that the Princess Royal sustained minor injuries and concussion during the incident, which occurred yesterday evening.

Royal Family Sends Well-Wishes for Swift Recovery

Her Royal Highness remains hospitalized as a precautionary measure for observation, though she is expected to fully recover quickly.

The King and the entire Royal Family have expressed their concern and sent heartfelt messages of love and support to Princess Anne during her recovery period.

Incident Involving Horse at Estate

Reports suggest that Princess Anne was injured by a horse while walking on her estate, resulting in minor head injuries. The injuries are consistent with an impact from the head or legs of a horse. Emergency medical services attended to her at the scene before transferring her to Southmead Hospital for further tests, treatment, and monitoring.

This incident underscores the inherent risks associated with equestrian activities, even for seasoned riders like Princess Anne, who is known for her passion for horses and involvement in equestrian sports. The Royal Family has requested privacy during this time as Princess Anne receives medical care and focuses on her recovery.