Manchester United supporters' spree at Copenhagen Airport: Goods stolen

Written by Jakob A. Overgaard

Nov.11 - 2023 8:04 AM CET

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

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In a surprising turn of events, Manchester United fans, reeling from their team's loss, engaged in a spree of theft at Copenhagen Airport. This incident, which unfolded after the Champions League match, saw several individuals donning Manchester United jerseys pilfering expensive items from the airport's tax-free shops.

The loss at Parken Stadium left the Manchester United team without points, but their fans seemed to find a different way to compensate. Whether this act was a means to soothe their disappointment is unclear. However, what is certain, as confirmed by Copenhagen Airport, is the theft of high-value goods by these fans.

As reported by "This unfortunate trend is on the rise following major football events in Copenhagen, and we are highly vigilant about it," stated the airport's press unit. The United fans, likely in a sour mood after their team's disappointing defeat to FCK, seemed to have decided to embark on a looting expedition at the airport.

According to Katrin Bamler, director at Heinemann Retail, which owns six tax-free shops in the airport, there's a growing trend of thefts. However, she noted that the situation was particularly severe during the visit of the Manchester fans. While she refrained from disclosing the total value of the stolen goods, she did reveal that the fans primarily targeted expensive perfumes and beauty products. "They went after high-end perfumes and beauty products, but I prefer not to specify the number of items and their value."

Further insights from sources at Copenhagen Airport confirmed that it was indeed costly perfumes and products that were mainly targeted by the English fans. The sources also echoed the sentiment that theft is a general issue, but it becomes particularly acute when football fans visit.

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