Android Cache: How to Clear It and Make Your Phone Faster?

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.08 - 2024 8:23 PM CET

Photo: Rafapress /
Photo: Rafapress /
How to Clear It and Make Your Phone Faster?

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The performance of a phone depends on many factors. These include components, the operating system version, and how we have treated our device. While we can't influence the processor after purchase, we do have control over the available cache memory.

What can you do to make your Android phone work faster? Discover an effective way to refresh your smartphone.

What is Phone Cache Memory?

Cache memory is an essential component of electronic devices such as phones, computers, or tablets. It is a separate part of memory that operates much faster than, for example, primary storage memory. While the latter is used for saving photos, applications, and programs, cache memory has a completely different task.

Thanks to it, these programs can function correctly, and the phone quickly gains access to previously used data resources. This is best illustrated by the example of an internet browser, which also uses cache memory. If you want to launch a previously visited page, you can do it much faster because the cache memory aids in its loading. Without it, using apps on the phone would be more difficult.

Slow Phone Performance - What to Do?

Unfortunately, clearing the cache memory might not always help. Problems with phone performance can have various causes, and some of them require specific actions from us.

Firstly, it's a good idea to scan the device with antivirus software or get rid of apps that don't necessarily come from a trusted source. Freeing up storage memory can also be a good idea if we've filled it to the brim.

Ultimately, resetting the phone to factory settings might help. This way, we delete all apps, settings, and data that were on it. After restarting, we will log in anew, as if we just bought our device and took it out of the box. Such a restart should be preceded by backing up photos and videos - otherwise, we will lose them forever.

Steps to Clear Cache Memory:

  1. Go to your phone's settings: Navigate through the settings menu to find the option related to storage or applications.

  2. Find the cache memory option: Within the storage or application settings, look for an option to manage or clear cache memory.

  3. Clear cache: Follow the instructions to clear the cache memory for individual apps or for the phone as a whole.

Key Points:

  • Understanding cache memory: Essential for quick access to frequently used data.

  • Performance issues: Can arise from full cache memory.

  • Solutions: Include clearing cache, using antivirus software, removing untrusted apps, freeing up storage, or factory reset.

  • Precaution: Backup important data before a factory reset to avoid data loss.

By managing the cache memory on your Android device, you can enhance its performance and enjoy a faster, more efficient user experience.