ChatGPT: The Future of Job Interview Preparation, Says Ex-Disney Recruiter

Written by Camilla Jessen

Feb.29 - 2024 2:20 PM CET

Photo: Iryna Imago /
Photo: Iryna Imago /
Simon Taylor, a former recruiter for Disney, praises ChatGPT's precise questioning as a game-changer for practicing job interviews.

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In an innovative twist to job interview preparation, Simon Taylor, a former recruiter for giants like Disney and Amazon-owned Graphiq, has found an invaluable tool in ChatGPT's voice feature. Speaking to CNBC Make IT, Taylor shared his enthusiasm for the AI's remarkably accurate questioning ability, suggesting it as an ideal platform for conducting mock interviews.

Using AI for Realistic Interview Practice

Taylor's approach involves a simple yet effective method: "The first step is pasting the job description into ChatGPT and telling it 'I want to conduct a mock interview based on this job description.'"

Following this, engaging the voice mode on the OpenAI chatbot transforms the experience into an interactive session, closely mimicking a real interview scenario. Despite the potential oddity of conversing with an AI, Taylor reassures that "the voice on the other end is actually a very natural human voice."

This technique not only serves as a practical rehearsal for job seekers but also offers a solution for those lacking a network to aid in their interview preparation. Moreover, ChatGPT's capability extends beyond voice interaction, allowing users to request feedback on their responses for a comprehensive preparation experience.

The Limitations and Advantages of AI Interview Prep

While Taylor champions the use of ChatGPT for interview practice, he acknowledges the chatbot's limitations, such as its inability to perfectly replicate the nuances of different recruiters' interview styles and its sometimes overly general feedback.

He advises focusing on the constructive criticism provided by the AI, "I would probably ignore some of the encouragement that it gives me and focus more on where it's saying you missed this, or you could have done more of that."

OpenAI's introduction of the voice feature for ChatGPT in September has added a new dimension to AI interaction, offering users a choice between five voices that are smooth, responsive, and distinctly non-robotic, enhancing the mock interview experience.

A Trend Catching On

The concept of using ChatGPT for interview prep gained further popularity through a viral TikTok, showcasing the chatbot's potential to generate relevant interview questions and analyze job descriptions for key keywords.

This technique, as shared by TikTok user Hanna Goefft with the New York Post, points to the growing trend of leveraging AI to streamline job search efforts and preparation strategies.