Checking Your Phone's Battery Health: How to Ensure Your Android Device's Battery is in Good Condition

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.26 - 2023 11:37 AM CET

How to Ensure Your Android Device's Battery is in Good Condition.

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Monitoring the health of your phone's battery is important for several reasons. Keeping an eye on battery health can help extend its lifespan and also identify when it's time for a replacement. There are many apps available for tracking the battery health of Android phones, but you can also get quite far using Android's built-in features.

You can monitor your phone's power usage in the Settings. Most phones show which apps are consuming the most battery, and some even display the battery temperature.

The path Settings > Battery > Battery Usage shows how the battery has been used since it was last fully charged. This screen also shows which apps are consuming battery power.

At the top of the screen, there's an icon with three dots. By pressing this, the phone offers the option to view battery consumption on an app-by-app basis. Through this, you can also determine how much battery power apps are allowed to consume by selecting an Optimized, Unrestricted, or Restricted power usage model.

Additionally, Android users can check the hidden diagnostic menu of Android, which provides information about the phone, usage statistics, and wireless network usage. While a large portion of Android phones do not display battery information, it's still worth trying.

To access this, open the Phone app and enter the number ##4636##. The phone will then attempt to open the diagnostic screen. However, some phones may not allow access to this information.

More information can also be obtained through various apps. Many phone manufacturers have their own app for this purpose. For example, Samsung Members not only shows battery health but also battery capacity. If the battery status flashes red, it means the battery is at the end of its life and should be replaced.

If the phone manufacturer does not offer such a tool, third-party apps can be used. For instance, AccuBattery and CPU-Z are free apps available in the Google Play Store that allow for detailed monitoring of battery performance. These apps can show charging history, battery discharge rates, health assessments, and logs of measurements.