Consider Removing These Apps from Your Phone Immediately: Can Take Photos Without Your Knowledge

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.08 - 2024 7:58 PM CET

Security experts from ESET warn against several harmful apps that could steal our data. Some can even take photos and record conversations without our knowledge.

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According to Polish Tech Media, Telepolis, security professionals at ESET have disclosed a list of malicious applications recently found on Android devices. Alarmingly, some of these were available on the Play Store.

Harmful Android Apps

According to ESET, these apps operate in various ways. Some are designed to simply steal data from the phone, including contacts, files, call history, and messages. Others can gain access to WhatsApp and Signal, while some track our location. However, the most concerning are those capable of taking photos and recording the victim without their consent.

All these applications, to a lesser or greater extent, masquerade as internet messengers. Notably, even if the account registration process is incomplete, they run in the background and cause harm.

The scammers' method of operation is also intriguing. According to ESET, they try to establish close relationships with the victim online (e.g., romantic) to persuade them to install malicious software. This is how they hunt for their victims.

The list of harmful applications includes:

  • Rafaqat

  • Privee Talk

  • MeetMe

  • Let’s Chat

  • Quick Chat

  • Chit Chat

  • YohooTalk

  • TikTalk

  • Hello Cha

  • Nidus

  • GlowChat

  • Wave Chat

If any of these apps, for some reason, are found on your phone or tablet, it is best to remove them as soon as possible.