Fire Hazard Alert: Immediate Recall of Power Banks and Speakers

Written by Camilla Jessen

Jun.10 - 2024 9:27 AM CET

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Popular Anker devices pose fire risk—check if yours is affected.

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If you own an Anker 321 power bank or certain other Anker devices, you should stop using them immediately and check if your model is affected by a recent recall due to fire hazards.

Anker has issued an urgent recall for its PowerCore 5K model from the 321 series, specifically the black model with the number A1112.

The recall was prompted by reports of the lithium-ion battery overheating, which can cause fires, melt the plastic casing, and produce harmful smoke.

The issue affects certain models produced after March 2023.

To determine if your power bank is part of the recall, check the serial number on Anker’s website. Anker provides instructions on how to find your serial number.


If your power bank is one of the affected models, Anker will replace it free of charge.

Do not send the defective power bank back to Anker. Instead, dispose of it properly by recycling it according to local guidelines.

Other Recalled Products

Anker has also recalled its SoundCore speaker, model A3102, which was produced in March and April 2023.

Similar to the power bank, this model's battery can overheat. Only the black model is affected.

Check the serial number on Anker’s website to see if your speaker is part of the recall and arrange for a replacement if necessary.

Another recalled device is the AnkerWork A3302, also known as the PowerConf III in some markets.

Steps to Take

  1. Check Your Device: Identify the model and serial number.

  2. Visit Anker’s Website: Confirm if your device is affected by the recall.

  3. Stop Using the Device: Immediately stop using any affected devices.

  4. Dispose Properly: Follow Anker’s guidelines for safe disposal.

  5. Request a Replacement: Contact Anker for a free replacement if your device is recalled.

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