Google Adds New Features to Chrome: It Will be Easier And Quicker

Written by Kathrine Frich

Jun.27 - 2024 4:56 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock
Google has announced a series of updates for its Chrome browser on Android and iOS,

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Google has announced a series of updates for its Chrome browser on Android and iOS, making it easier to quickly access information and interact more efficiently with online content. Here is an overview of the latest enhancements that will be available on the mobile version of the browser.

Enhanced Search Actions and Redesigned Address Bar

One of the key updates is the introduction of Chrome Actions for local search results. When searching for places like restaurants or businesses, users will see quick action buttons allowing them to call the location, get directions, or read reviews directly from the search results.

This feature is already available on Android and will be coming to iOS this fall. Additionally, Google has redesigned the Chrome address bar on iPads and Android tablets to better utilize larger screen sizes and align with the Material You design language.

Now, the open website remains visible under the search bar, making it easier to return to it.

Personalized Shortcuts and Trending Searches

Google is also bringing personalized shortcut suggestions to Chrome on Android and iOS.

This feature adds a personal touch to the address bar, helping users navigate to a website based on their usual search inputs. For instance, if you frequently search for "schedule" to check theater showtimes, this word will now appear higher in the search suggestions whenever you type "schedule."

In addition, trending searches will now appear in the Chrome address bar on iOS, a feature already available on Android. These trends will show up under recent searches when you click on the address bar on a new page.

Live Sports Updates in Discover Feed

For sports enthusiasts, Chrome's Discover feed will now feature live sports scorecards when you open a new tab on both iOS and Android.

When your favorite team is playing, you’ll receive automatic updates about the game if you have followed the team or shown interest in it previously.

You can customize the Discover feed in the Chrome mobile app by selecting the three-dot menu.