Many have wondered: Why Google Maps Disappeared from Google

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.11 - 2024 8:15 AM CET

Google Maps has vanished.

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Numerous users have observed that Google Maps is no longer present in the toolbar at the top of Google's page after using the search function in the browser.

A reported by, this unexpected change is due to new EU legislation, the Digital Markets Act (DMA), designed to boost competition among technology giants.

For years, Google Maps has enjoyed a favored status in Google searches, helping users find everything from the nearest coffee shop to the quickest route home.

Previously, if you searched for a restaurant, for instance, a small card with a link to Google Maps would appear.

However, this feature has now been removed.

This functionality has been eliminated for desktop users, meaning that one must actively search for Google Maps to access the service.

As mentioned, this adjustment is Google's way of complying with the new legislation, which seeks to regulate how large tech companies operate to ensure fair competition.

Google and Google Maps, although under the same brand, are treated as separate services. The straightforward access to Maps via Google's search engine is now deemed a breach of the new regulations.

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