Tech Giants Under Fire for Alleged Non-Compliance with Digital Services Act

Written by Kathrine Frich

Jun.27 - 2024 10:11 AM CET

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock
A Danish Association has Filed a Complaint Against Google and the Search Engine Bing

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The association Digitalt Ansvar has filed a complaint against Google and the search engine Bing, accusing them of refusing to remove 61 search results containing illegally manipulated sexual material.

According to DR this complaint stems from the belief that these search engines are violating the European Union's Digital Services Act, a comprehensive set of regulations aimed at tech giants.

Undermine the Service Act

Digitalt Ansvar asserts that such actions by the search engines undermine the provisions laid out in the Digital Services Act, which seeks to uphold digital integrity and protect users from harmful content online.

The case now rests with the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority, tasked with determining whether there are grounds to escalate the issue to the supervisory authority in Ireland, where both companies have their European headquarters.

Implications for EU Regulation in Action

In response to the development, Ask Hesby Holm, Director of Digitalt Ansvar, expressed anticipation about how effectively the EU regulation will be implemented in real-world scenarios.

The Digital Services Act represents a crucial step in holding tech companies accountable for their content moderation practices, aiming to foster a safer online environment across Europe.

Next Steps: Legal Scrutiny and Industry Response

The outcome of this complaint could set a precedent for future cases under the Digital Services Act, influencing how tech giants manage and regulate content globally.

As the Danish authorities weigh the merits of the complaint, all eyes are on whether Google and Bing will comply with EU standards or face potential legal repercussions,