Unlock Your Creativity: Make Your Own Emojis with This iPhone Trick

Written by Henrik Rothen

Apr.06 - 2024 9:12 AM CET

Photo: Private
Photo: Private
Ever felt limited by the emojis at your fingertips? iPhone's newest feature lets you craft your very own, but there's a catch.

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Have you ever found yourself meticulously searching for the perfect emoji, only to realize it doesn't exist? Well, iPhone users, brace yourselves.

The latest iOS 17 update is here to revolutionize your emoji game. Expert Chris Carley has spilled the beans on a simple yet game-changing iPhone trick that allows you to create your very own emojis for messaging, provided you've made the leap to iOS 17.

It's no secret that emojis have evolved into a language of their own, where each icon carries its unique meaning. But what if you could tailor this digital dialect to convey your messages with even greater clarity?

Thanks to Chris Carley's viral revelation, that possibility is now within your grasp.

In a TikTok video that has captivated over 20,000 viewers, Carley unveils the 'iMessage Stickers' feature—a novel addition to iOS 17.

This function breathes life into the art of conversation by allowing users to transform standard emojis into stickers, paving the way for custom scenes and emojis right within your chats.

Step-by-Step Guide to Emoji Innovation

The process is delightfully straightforward. Simply open your iMessage, press and hold an emoji, then drag and drop it into your conversation. Once you've introduced your first sticker this way, the door opens to endless creativity. You can layer multiple stickers, adjusting their size to suit your vision, Carley demonstrates by crafting a scene featuring a man jogging with his dog amidst a downpour.

"It's not something you'll use daily, but it's fun to play with the features and have a bit of a laugh. You can tap the image to view all the stickers applied to the message and even edit or delete them as needed," Carley explains, offering a glimpse into the feature's versatility.

A Tidal Wave of Amazement and Creativity on Social Media

TikTok users have been quick to express their astonishment and delight in the comment section of the video. "It works," comments one user succinctly, echoing the sentiment of surprise and satisfaction that many others share. "This is so cool," writes another, while a third user elaborates on the creative potential: "You can take a photo, go into your camera roll, press and hold on the emoji collage, then transform that magical image into a sticker and start the cycle over."

This feature, while perhaps not a daily necessity, introduces a playful and imaginative element to digital communication, encouraging users to explore and personalize their messaging experience further.

As we continue to navigate the vast seas of digital interaction, features like these remind us of the endless possibilities for innovation and personal expression within the tools we use every day. So, the next time you reach for an emoji, remember: with iOS 17, you're not just choosing an icon; you're crafting a piece of your digital dialogue.

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