6-year-old Ayat takes the stage for the first time: Judges can't contain themselves when she sings

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.22 - 2023 1:34 PM CET

Judges can't contain themselves when she sings.

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Although the video is a few years old, it has recently gone viral again, proving it's certainly worth revisiting.

Ayat Shaikh, a 6-year-old sensation, captured hearts and amassed over 20 million views with her blind audition for The Voice India Kids. The performance was so captivating that it secured the second spot on YouTube's Top Trending Videos of 2016.

The viral sensation

Ayat's performance wasn't just another audition; it was a phenomenon. Her rendition of the 1960s popular song 'Unse Mili Nazar' melted hearts across the nation.

The video became a sensation, contributing to the 70 million views collectively garnered by the top ten trending videos on YouTube in 2016.

The judges' reaction

Coach Neeti Mohan was particularly moved by Ayat's talent. "This is so exciting. I fell in love with Ayat the moment I heard her sing.

She's not just a great singer; she looks like a doll too," Mohan said. She expressed her lack of surprise at the video's popularity but acknowledged that "20 million views is a lot!"

More than just cuteness

While Ayat's performance was undeniably adorable, it was her vocal prowess that stole the show. The young talent's audition wasn't just a fleeting moment of internet fame; it was a testament to her potential as a future singing star.

So, if you haven't seen this viral gem yet, now's the time. Ayat Shaikh's performance is a heartwarming reminder of the incredible talent that often comes in small packages.

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