Biden's "Oyster Bunnies" Remark Sparks Buzz on Social Media

Written by Henrik Rothen

Apr.01 - 2024 8:04 PM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
At the White House's annual Easter Egg Roll, President Joe Biden's unintentional "oyster bunnies" comment becomes a humorous highlight, sparking a mix of amusement and criticism on social media.

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At this year's White House Easter Egg Roll, President Joe Biden aimed to highlight themes of hope, renewal, and unity, but it was a quirky slip of the tongue that captured the spotlight.

In a moment meant to introduce two individuals dressed as Easter bunnies, Biden inadvertently dubbed them "oyster bunnies," a misstep that quickly became fodder for conservative commentators on social media. (Video can be watched further down)

Despite a brief delay due to rain, the White House lawn was abuzz with excitement as an estimated 40,000 attendees gathered for the annual Easter Egg Roll—a significant uptick from the previous year's 30,000.

This event, steeped in history and tradition since its inception in 1814, has long been a fixture in Washington, D.C.'s cultural calendar, symbolizing a moment of communal joy and celebration.

The President's Message: Hope and Goodwill

In his address, President Biden reflected on the Easter season's deeper meanings, emphasizing love, grace, and the inherent goodness of the American people.

"Easter reminds us of the power of hope and renewal, and sacrifice and resurrection," Biden remarked, underscoring his vision of America as a nation built on solid values and mutual respect.

A Lighthearted Moment Turns into Social Media Sensation

However, it was a light-hearted error—referring to the event's bunny mascots as "oyster bunnies"—that caught the public's attention, particularly among conservative circles on X (formerly Twitter).

The clip, shared widely by accounts like RNC Research, prompted a mix of amusement and criticism, with figures like Ian Miles Cheong and users "ALX" and "True Stormy Joe" joining in on the commentary.

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