Billie Eilish criticizes Variety for focus on her sexuality

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.04 - 2023 1:52 PM CET


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Billie Eilish has openly criticized the entertainment media outlet Variety for discussing her sexuality during a red carpet event. The incident occurred at the recent Variety Hitmakers event, where Eilish felt that the publication focused on her sexual orientation rather than her musical achievements or other relevant topics.

In a new Instagram post, Eilish expressed her frustration, writing, “Thanks for the award, Variety, and also thanks for outing me on the red carpet at 11 in the morning instead of talking to me about anything else that matters.”

This issue arose following an interview last month where Eilish opened up about her attraction to both men and women. It seems that Variety revisited this topic during the Hitmakers event, which Eilish did not appreciate.

In her response, she emphasized her desire for privacy and to be left alone regarding her sexual preferences, stating, “I like boys and girls, let me be in peace. Please, literally, and so what?”

Eilish also took this opportunity to encourage her followers to stream her latest single, ‘What Was I Made For?’. Her reaction underscores the ongoing challenges faced by public figures in maintaining their personal privacy, especially regarding sensitive topics like sexual orientation.

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