Christmas Prank Goes Viral: They Didn't Expect This

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.07 - 2023 12:01 PM CET

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook
Christmas Prank Goes Viral.

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What started as an innocent family prank had unexpected consequences. A family from Glasgow became an internet sensation after Carla Swan shared a video on Facebook.

In the video, a person dressed as the Grinch storms into the home and destroys the family's Christmas tree, resulting in screams and tears from the children, but the situation was not as serious as it appeared​​.

The clip shows the Grinch, complete with green pants, mask, and Santa hat, knocking over the Christmas tree, leading to chaos in the living room. One of Carla's children runs screaming from the room, while another cries in the background​​.

It turns out that the Grinch is actually the children's aunt and Carla's sister, Charmaine. After the prank, the children were informed that the Grinch was their aunt, which made them see the funny side of the situation​​.

The video has been shared 25,000 times on Facebook and has gained even more popularity on X (formerly known as Twitter), where it has been viewed over a million times. Many commentators have found the video "hysterically funny" and "unforgettable"​​.

After the prank, the children received a new Christmas tree, and Carla shared a photo of them in front of the tree, all smiling. Carla assured that the children were not traumatized and found it funny when they discovered that the Grinch was their aunt​​.

On X, Charmaine addressed the negative comments she had received, explaining that the children were okay. She explained that the exaggerated screams in the background were because she grabbed one of the children's advent calendars​​.

While many found the prank entertaining, there have also been critics who think it was too intense for the children. However, the family emphasizes that everything was planned and controlled to ensure a fun and safe experience for all involved​​.

Watch the funny video below

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