Couldn't find her robot vacuum cleaner: Got a big surprise when she checked her surveillance camera

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.29 - 2023 8:48 AM CET

Photo: / TikTok
Photo: / TikTok
She got a big surprise when she checked her surveillance camera.

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Last week, Betzy reported on her TikTok account that her vacuum cleaning robot had recently disappeared for several days. For a whole 48 hours, the American woman couldn't find her cleaning equipment anywhere.

It seemed as if the vacuum cleaner had vanished off the face of the earth - until Betzy finally checked the recordings from her door camera. The video at the bottom of the article shows the surprising discovery.

What she saw truly took her breath away. "I couldn't find my Roomba [a brand of vacuum cleaning robot] for two days, and then I discovered this on my Ring camera," she titled a short video, where her vacuum cleaner independently leaves the house and ends up traveling all by itself.

Betzy couldn't explain exactly how this happened: "We had our front door open because we were carrying Christmas decorations in and out all day. Normally, the Roomba stops at the stairs." Fortunately, the robot didn't get too far and is now literally back under the roof. Betzy has shared a video of the escaped robot on TikTok!

The funny clip has taken the internet by storm and has been viewed by millions. The comment section is full of humorous reactions, with some suggesting that the Roomba might have felt underchallenged, while others speculate whether it had plans to conquer the world.

TikTok users are heartily laughing at the escaped vacuum cleaner. The bizarre video has already been viewed more than 25.6 million times, and users in the comment section reacted with delight.

"He quit," laughed one user heartily, another said: "He was clearly looking for new challenges!" In response to a viewer's question about whether the Roomba also vacuumed leaves in the garden, Betzy explained: "He hit the mulch! However, the robot didn't come back completely unscathed: "He lost the lower padding and both brushes during his street cleaning," explained his owner sadly.

Luckily, the battery stopped just a few meters from the front door, so greater damage was avoided. Betzy is still wondering how it could have happened, but one thing is certain - her vacuum cleaning robot has earned a place in online humor history. What will Roomba come up with next?

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