Couple Criticized for Inviting Guests to Wedding Ceremony but Not Reception: 'Rude' Decision Sparks Debate

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.15 - 2024 11:11 AM CET

"We can't afford it. It's reserved for family and close friends," was the justification from a couple criticized as 'rude' for their selective wedding invitations.

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"You're invited to the ceremony, but not to the party," read an invitation to a wedding that was sent to a number of guests. This decision has not sat well with everyone who received such an invitation, according to the Danish media outlet Senest.

One woman who received this type of invitation was quite surprised by what she read and decided to share her experience on social media to gather opinions from others.

She expressed confusion not just about the content of the invitation but also about the invitation itself. "I was a bit let down that it was merely written by hand on a thin piece of cardboard, folded and stuffed into an envelope," she said.

But there was more. The woman noted that the invitation specified she could only attend the daytime ceremony, leaving her out of the guests invited to the grand evening celebration.

"We messaged the groom asking if there was a reception afterward since the invitation only mentioned the ceremony location," the woman explained.

"He said yes, but we weren't invited because they couldn't afford a large event. Therefore, only family and close friends were invited to the reception."

This led the woman to ask other social media users if such an approach was customary.

"It's rude. It's okay to invite people only to the reception, but not just to the ceremony. I would reconsider the friendship," one user wrote.

"Absolutely rude. I find it extremely poor taste," another commented.

What do you think about the couple's decision to invite guests to the wedding ceremony but not to the reception? Is it a practical solution or a breach of etiquette?