Customer Refused to Pay for New Floor - So the Floor Layer Got the Customer Divorced

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.20 - 2023 11:12 PM CET

The Floor Layer Got the Customer Divorced.

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A floor layer sought revenge on a customer who refused to pay for a newly laid bathroom floor.

Instead of damaging the floor, the craftsman targeted the customer's marriage, leading to the customer's divorce.

The floor layer shared his story on the popular X (formerly Twitter) account Fesshole. He revealed that after not receiving payment for his work, he used the key he still had to place a pair of lace panties and condom wrappers next to the customer's bed, ensuring his wife would find them.

According to Pensionist, this act resulted in the couple's divorce.

Found satisfaction in his revenge

The floor layer didn't receive his payment, but he found satisfaction in his revenge.

The post went viral, garnering over 619,000 views, and sparked a range of reactions.

One person labeled the craftsman a "real villain," while another was confused, suggesting that the floor should have been removed instead.

A third commenter questioned how the floor layer knew which side of the bed belonged to the husband.

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