Family Visited by Mischievous Elf: Car Gets Decorated

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.18 - 2023 7:54 AM CET

Photo: TikTok
Photo: TikTok
Family Visited by Mischievous Elf.

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Elf on the Shelf is a charming family tradition where playful elves carry out various levels of mischief - but a woman was branded as "crazy" after she had her elves perform a huge prank involving her car, as reported by Pensionist.

Every day, parents participating in the tradition ensure that their elves do something funny or sweet that their children would really appreciate.

Neighbors Think I'm Insane

However, naturally, the more years that pass, the harder it becomes to think of new innovative ideas, and parents can come up with almost anything to please their children in the build-up to December 25th.

Claire, who posts on TikTok as @elves_unicorn_sparkle, wrote the caption for the short clip:

"The car has been elfified! Thanks, elves, now the neighbors think I'm insane."

In the 28-second clip, she showed her car on the drive to her home, covered in white paint with the words "the elves rule."

Elves Decorate the Car

She even placed a balloon garland on top of the car, as well as drawn snowmen, and wrote 'I love elves' on the vehicle.

She said:

"The elves have decided to decorate the car. Yep, I can't drive the car for the school run tomorrow because I can't see, so we'll have to walk, and it's frosty. - thanks, elves! They used spray and sprayed graffiti all over my car, and they've added a balloon garland on top just to make it really noticeable. Thanks, elves, the neighbors think I'm insane now"​​.