Forget About the Pillow Trick to Hide Luggage: This Trick is Much Smarter

Written by Jeppe W

Oct.17 - 2023 9:26 AM CET


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For most backpacks and bags used for multi-day trips, they exceed the maximum allowed sizes. A TikToker now proves that there are other methods to sneak luggage into an airplane besides the famous pillow trick.

Forgot your pillowcase when flying and still have too much hand luggage? No problem, at least not for Shewana McGee.

As reported by the news portal Insider, the young woman let her creativity run wild to avoid an extra baggage fee of 99 US dollars (about 700 kroner).

"Keep it free sis," she captioned her hack clip, which she posted on TikTok.

McGee had booked a flight with the American low-cost airline "Frontier Airlines" (comparable to RyanAir), which only allows one small piece of hand luggage. The TikToker's backpack was too big, but she didn't want to pay extra for it.

So McGee took everything out of her luggage until it could be folded down to the airline's required size. She hid her items in her pants – on her butt, to be precise.

To cover any suspicious bulges, the young woman wrapped her denim jacket around her waist, giving the airport staff the illusion of a Brazilian butt lift – a cosmetic surgery on her buttocks, which McGee could certainly be expected to have done.

The TikToker's clip has now been viewed more than 1.2 million times, astonishing many. Because, as McGee explained in response to a comment, her trick went unnoticed – the young woman boarded without an extra fee and got to enjoy a seat cushion made of clothes.

You can watch the clip below.