Furious bride demands refund from wedding photographer: The reason is disturbing

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.06 - 2023 1:00 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com
The reason is disturbing.

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A newlywed woman was left speechless when her husband confessed to having an intimate relationship with their wedding photographer after the wedding celebration. This unexpected admission deeply shook her and led to the destruction of their marriage.

According to The Mirror, The bride is now attempting to get her money refunded from the photographer she had hired for the event. So far, she has not been successful in her request for repayment.

The photographer explained on Reddit that he usually brings a 'secondary photographer' to weddings as part of his team. When his usual partner was unavailable, he decided to hire a woman he found online.

It was this woman who later had an involvement with the groom. It's important to note that this woman was not a direct employee of the photographer but an external person hired for the occasion. For this reason, the photographer does not believe he has any obligation to refund the woman.

"Earlier this summer, I covered a wedding. My regular secondary photographer was unavailable, so I found a replacement who I thought did a fantastic job. She and I covered the wedding, and everything went according to plan. The pictures were edited and delivered to the client, all was fine," the photographer explained.

"Today I received an email from the bride. She wants a refund because of the female photographer I hired, who had an involvement with the groom after the wedding. She also attached pictures from his phone as evidence. I have not yet responded, but what is the best approach here?"

Reddit Users Weigh In

Many Reddit users responded to the post, urging the photographer to keep the money. They pointed out that although it's a terrible situation for the woman, the photographer had performed the task he was hired for.

"Tell her that you are sorry to hear about the situation, but there is no way you can refund the payment for a completed service. The other photographer is a freelancer, whom you will not work with again, but she is not directly affiliated with your business. I cannot give money back due to an unfortunate incident that I had no control over," wrote one user.

"It may sound harsh, but regardless of who the other photographer was, her husband would still have committed adultery. You are not responsible for her decision to marry him," wrote another.

"The incident took place after the wedding, right? In that case, it has nothing to do with you or the service your business provided," pointed out a third user.

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