Jade Was About to Use a $50 Gift Card: Received a Big Surprise from the Cashier

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.30 - 2023 12:30 PM CET

Photo: Facebook / Jade C
Photo: Facebook / Jade C
Jade received a big surprise from the cashier

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In an unexpected turn of events at Lorna Jane Chermside, a single mother and professional athlete experienced a heartwarming act of kindness that left her immensely grateful.

Jade, the recipient of this unexpected generosity, shared her story on the Facebook group, The Kindness Pandemic, hoping to reach the kind stranger who made her day.

"I don’t know if this will find its way to the lovely lady who went through the checkout before me in Lorna Jane chermside today however here goes" Jane states in the beginning of her post.

The Kind Gesture

Jade was at the store to use a $50 gift card she received from her eldest child. After some searching, she found a lovely pair of maroon bike pants on the $50 rack. When she went to pay using her gift card, the operator informed her that the lady before her had left instructions to use the remaining balance on her gift card for the next customer's purchase.

To Jade's surprise, not only were her maroon bike pants covered, but she was also able to get the same pair in black, all paid for by the stranger's gift card.

Photo: Facebook / Jade C

A Single Mom's Gratitude

As a single mother juggling her responsibilities and her career as a professional athlete, Jade expressed how such acts of kindness significantly impact her life.

The financial challenges of pursuing her goals, including buying gym wear, can be daunting. This act of kindness relieved some of her burdens and left her determined to pay it forward when she can.