Mom Had Awful Experience in Tesco: 'I've Never Been Spoken To So Badly'

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.03 - 2024 2:15 PM CET

Photo: TikTok / Wiki Commons
Photo: TikTok / Wiki Commons
'I've Never Been Spoken To So Badly'.

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A mother's recent shopping trip to Tesco with her toddler turned into an unexpected ordeal, leading to a viral TikTok video.

Samantha Mary shared her experience of being harshly judged by a Tesco customer service representative.

Her son Jack, who hadn't been feeling well and had barely eaten for several days, ate a yoghurt from the trolley before reaching the checkout. Samantha intended to pay for the yoghurt but was met with a "disgusted look" from the Tesco worker.

Samantha explained that she passed the yoghurt to the worker not to dispose of it but to have it scanned. She even joked about it to apologize for her son eating it during their shopping.

However, the Tesco employee expressed disapproval of children eating items from the store before they are paid for.

This led to a heated exchange, with Samantha asserting that it wasn't the employee's place to judge her parenting.

The incident left Samantha in tears and sparked a significant debate on TikTok. Many users sided with Samantha, showing sympathy and suggesting she file a complaint. Others, however, agreed with the Tesco worker, stating that consuming items before paying is technically theft, regardless of the intention to pay later.

Do you agree with Samantha or Tesco in this?