Mother-in-law helps around the house while daughter-in-law gives birth, and now she has the audacity to demand payment

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.19 - 2023 11:33 AM CET

Photo: Pexels
Photo: Pexels
Now she has the audacity to demand payment.

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When you're pregnant, the anticipation of your baby's arrival is immense. Many expectant mothers make emergency plans with family members for the day labor starts.

One new mother was grateful when her mother-in-law kindly offered to feed their dogs as she went into labor. However, what they didn't expect was to find a note on the fridge with an invoice upon their return home.

The new mother took to Reddit to share her experience.

She wrote, "I gave birth to my beautiful son a week ago. Unfortunately, there were some complications, so I was only discharged yesterday. When my water broke, my husband and I were at home. Cleaning was obviously not a priority at that moment, so we rushed to the hospital."

During their hospital stay, the mother-in-law volunteered to feed their dogs, and they were thankful for her assistance. But it was only when they returned home that they found a note and an invoice on the fridge.

The mother-in-law had cleaned the bedroom carpet and wanted to be paid for her labor. She also cleaned the rest of the house and demanded a day's pay of $25 per hour plus $200 for cleaning products.

The new mother stated that while it was kind of her mother-in-law to clean, no one had asked her to do so.

Consequently, her son sent a text message saying,

"We appreciate your help while [the new mother's name] was in the hospital. We noticed your note and invoice on the fridge and are disappointed that you took it upon yourself to snoop around the house, buy cleaning products worth hundreds of dollars, and then charge us for your time and the said products."

The mother-in-law didn't take kindly to the message and called them "ungrateful." Other family members also messaged the couple, saying she didn't have to help but did so out of love.

The original Reddit poster said she had to turn off her phone due to the messages, some of which even claimed she was preparing the house for the baby.

The new mother concluded her post by saying she's disappointed with the whole situation. Her husband now suggests they should pay the mother-in-law to get the family off their backs and enjoy their time as new parents. She, however, is not comfortable paying his mother for anything.

On Reddit, most people are siding with the new mom. What about you? Was it wrong for the mother-in-law to demand money?

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