Neighbors Heard Amy's Baby Crying Several Times: Left Her a Handwritten Note She Immediately Shared Online

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.30 - 2023 8:51 PM CET

Photo: Facebook /
Photo: Facebook /
Neighbors Left a Handwritten Note, Which Amy Promptly Shared on Facebook.

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A Facebook post by Amy in the group "The Kindness Pandemic" has garnered widespread attention and appreciation.

The post highlights a simple yet touching gesture from her neighbors, who left a thoughtful note and some much-needed baby supplies at her doorstep.

Amy's post read:

'Our neighbours left this note at our front door along with some nappies and wipes. Thank you for your kindness and being patient with the noise of a crying newborn!'

The note, handwritten by neighbors read:

"Hey, We are your neighbors from behind your to the left. We have heard your little bub crying a few times and thought we would drop off some nappies and wipes as we know how tough the early days are! We hope this brightens your day."

Photo: Facebook

Ursula Had a Contrasting Experience

This act of kindness resonated with over 5,000 persons of the Facebook group, who liked the post, and many shared their own experiences in the comments.

Among them was Ursula Wong, who had a contrasting experience with her neighbors when she had her newborn.

"When I had my new Bub, my neighbors gave me a note to say my lawn was too long and that I should show respect to him by mowing it. Bub was 6 weeks old," she shared.

Another group member, Lauren McDonnell, recounted how her neighbors supported her during a challenging time.

"In the trenches now with newborn twins and 3 under three, our neighbor dropped off a $100 baby bunting gift card and another who is an angel came and helped one night for a few hours!" she commented.

Share your story

It's wonderful when people show their best side and help those going through a tough time.

Have you had similar experiences with neighbors, as in the article above? Feel free to share your story in the comments section.

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