Passenger feared for her life when plane started dropping during Mallorca storm

Written by Fergus Hart

Aug.29 - 2023 7:55 AM CET

Photo: Instagram/@estelaorts
Photo: Instagram/@estelaorts
Passenger feared for her life when plane started dropping during Mallorca storm

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Estela Orts, a performer based in Magaluf, was among the passengers on a flight that took off despite severe weather conditions in Mallorca.

The Balearic Islands have been experiencing storms with winds reaching up to 75 mph, causing more than 20 flights to be canceled and even a P&O cruise ship to break free from its moorings. Orts' flight, however, was not among those canceled.

Initially, the flight seemed to be going smoothly, encountering only minor turbulence. But things escalated quickly when the plane entered the heart of the storm. Orts described the experience as terrifying, saying,

"When I felt that we were falling sharply, I began to have an anxiety attack. My legs and hands trembled; it was a situation that I could not control."

The Pilot's Struggle and Safe Landing

The pilot informed passengers that the plane was being tossed around by 80 mph crosswinds, making it impossible to land under such conditions. Eventually, the decision was made to return to Alicante.

Orts recalled the relief she felt upon landing, stating,

"As soon as we hit the ground, I could breathe easily."

The article recounts the harrowing experience of Estela Orts, a passenger on a flight caught in a severe storm over Mallorca.

Despite the terrifying ordeal, the pilot managed to safely return the plane to Alicante. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of weather and its potential impact on air travel.

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