Pest controller left in huge shock: Cut a small hole in the wall and then It all poured out

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.08 - 2023 9:29 AM CET

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook
Pest controller left in huge shock.

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A family kept finding small holes in the walls of their home, prompting them to call a pest controller. When he finally opened up the wall, the problems literally poured out.

As a pest controller, you come across a wide range of tasks. Some tasks are certainly more challenging than others. But sometimes, even a seasoned pest controller can be shocked by what they encounter. This story is no exception.

Nick Castro, the CEO of Nick's Extreme Pest Control in California, has been running a successful business for over 20 years, tackling numerous pest issues. However, he had never encountered anything like this before. Castro shared several pictures of his task on Facebook.

The residents called him to their home because they were plagued by a very persistent woodpecker. "The bird was somewhat of a hoarder," Castro explains.

The woodpecker was making holes in the home's panels to store food for later. Its favorite food was acorns, which it would place on the home's beams and joists. Unfortunately, the acorns did not stay put and instead fell into the empty spaces within the walls.

A Torrent of Nuts

Castro expected to find a few acorns when he cut the first hole in the wall. However, neither the family nor Castro was prepared for the literal flood of nuts that suddenly poured out from the walls. Initially, there was a steady stream of acorns, but it quickly turned into a deluge.

There were literally acorns from floor to ceiling inside the walls. Once the walls were opened, the house was flooded with acorns. Castro had to cut several more holes in the walls to fully grasp the extent of the woodpecker's hoarding.

He had never seen anything like it. In total, the industrious woodpecker had collected an astonishing 300 kilograms of acorns, enough to fill eight large garbage bags.

After patching up the holes and ensuring no more acorns could fall into the wall cavities, the family decided to let the woodpecker be. They installed new wall cladding to prevent the bird from making any more holes, thereby forcing it to find another storage location for its food.

You can see the crazy situation in the video below

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