Red Carpet fashion show has a better plot twist than most Oscar-winning films

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.15 - 2023 1:13 PM CET


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In a poignant twist to a conventional red carpet event, a recent fashion show in New Jersey became an unforgettable tribute to the late fashion designer Vernest Moore.

Known for his influential designs and significant impact on the local fashion scene, Moore's last wish was to have his favorite designs showcased in a fashion show that doubled as a viewing for him.

One of the models, overcome with emotions, described the experience as one of the most challenging yet profound moments of her career. In a heartfelt message, she expressed her determination to keep Moore's legacy alive, stating, "I can't believe this would be my final walk for you, so I won't!

From now on... even if I'm not walking for you, I'll be walking with you, because I know you'll always be with me."

The event, which featured some of Moore's most memorable designs, was more than a display of fashion; it was a celebration of his life and work. Guests and participants were visibly moved, as the runway became a space of remembrance and honor.

This unique red carpet event not only highlighted Moore's creative genius but also set a new standard for how the fashion industry can pay homage to its icons.

The fashion show turned memorial poignantly captured the essence of Moore's passion for fashion and his impact on those who worked with him. It served as a fitting farewell to a designer who left an indelible mark on the fashion world.

See the unexpected "crazy" plot twist fashion show right here: