School denies offering litter trays for students identifying as cats

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.10 - 2023 8:14 PM CET

Photo: Google Maps/ Wikipedia Commons
Photo: Google Maps/ Wikipedia Commons
School denies offering litter trays for students identifying as cats.

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West Monmouth School, a renowned high school in Pontypool, South Wales, has officially denied rumors about providing litter trays for students who identify as cats or 'furries.'

In a letter addressed to parents, the school clarified that it will not accommodate any special provisions for pupils identifying as animals. This move comes amidst growing concerns and queries within the community regarding such accommodations.

According to Daily Mail. deputy headteacher Claire Hughes emphasized the school's stance, stating,

"Whilst we are an inclusive and welcoming school, we do not make any provision for any pupils who might identify as an animal of any kind."

She reassured parents that the school has no plans to introduce litter trays and deemed such behavior unacceptable within the school environment.

This clarification follows recent comments from Katharine Birbalsingh, labeled 'Britain's toughest headteacher', who noted an emerging trend of children identifying as cats, complete with tails and ears, in classrooms.

The situation escalated with an investigation into Rye College in East Sussex, where a teacher was criticized for calling a student's request to be identified as a cat 'despicable.'

The school's response aligns with a broader context of a North American hoax alleging the provision of litter boxes in schools for students who 'identify as cats' or 'furries,' a claim that has been widely debunked. The school's firm stance reflects its commitment to maintaining a realistic and focused educational environment, free from distractions and misinformation.