This guy is doing things to his Tesla you wouldn't dream of doing

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.15 - 2023 8:30 AM CET

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook
This guy is doing things to his Tesla you wouldn't dream of doing.

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Worldwide, many people do not own a car. This may be due to a lack of necessity, but for many, it's simply a matter of affordability.

This context makes a recent video featuring the influencer known as Whistlindiesel particularly jarring. In the video, Whistlindiesel deliberately damages his Tesla to such an extent that the repair costs at a mechanic would be astronomical.

The destruction begins just 17 seconds into one of Whistlindiesel's latest uploads. The influencer is seen using a chainsaw on the pristine white rear seats of the Tesla.

But the ruined seats are just the start.

115-inch wheels

Whistlindiesel then tests how forcefully he can slam the door before damaging the panel. Shortly after, he attempts to drive the car with its front wheels locked.

These are just a few of the things Whistlindiesel does to his Tesla, actions unimaginable to most car owners.

However, the video takes an even more extreme turn later on.

The influencer removes the car's wheels and replaces them with ones that are no less than 115 inches in size. The outcome of this modification can be seen in the video below.

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