Woman fooled everyone on TikTok - Now she reveals her 'trick'

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.15 - 2023 10:52 AM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com

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Ana Stanskovsky, a 27-year-old TikToker from London, recently revealed a surprising twist about her viral 'Kevin' tattoo, which she initially claimed to have tattooed in large, black letters on her forehead.

Despite numerous warnings from TikTok users about future regrets, Stanskovsky uploaded a new video titled "I regret my tattoo," which has garnered over two million likes.

Watch Anna Stanskovskys viral TikTok here:

In this latest video, she addresses the massive attention her supposed tattoo received across social media, national media, and even radio.

However, she then shocks viewers by wiping her forehead with a cleansing wipe, revealing that the 'tattoo' was never real.

Stanskovsky explains that the whole act was a ruse to send a message to young people considering large tattoos. She expresses her regret over her actual, large, dark tattoos on her arms and neck, stressing the importance of thinking twice before making such permanent decisions.

This revelation led to humorous reactions from TikTok users, with one joking about getting 'Kevin' tattooed on their own forehead, drawing 58 thousand likes on the comment.

Stanskovsky's stunt highlights the influence of social media and the responsibility of content creators in shaping young people's perceptions and decisions.

Watch the New viral TikTok from Anna Stanskovsky right here:

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