Viral TikTok reimagines Harry Potter as you've never seen him before

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.08 - 2023 3:22 PM CET


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A TikTok that shows Harry Potter as a working-class Londoner by user Nomdecoom, has become a viral sensation.

This creative reinterpretation of the iconic character is portrayed by the user, named Pat Buetow, and places Harry in the setting of a working-class Londoner while still at Hogwarts

The video showcases various scenes from the Harry Potter movies, but with a twist, where Harry, played by Buelow, engages in typical Londoner mannerisms and language.

Notably, one scene includes him swearing at Malfoy and shouting, "Weasley clan at your f*****g door mate," adding a humorous and gritty realism to the beloved fantasy character.

This fresh take on Harry Potter has resonated with viewers, garnering widespread attention on social media.

See the hilarious clip here: