Wanted to change the floor in their dream house: What was underneath shocked the couple

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.11 - 2023 7:11 AM CET

Photo: TikTok
Photo: TikTok
What was underneath shocked the couple.

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Emily and Jeffrey, a couple who purchased their dream house, made an astounding discovery under the floor while renovating.

They had been progressively changing the floors in all the rooms of the house and had now reached the last and largest room.

The couple bought the house in July, captivated by its location at first sight. However, the house was somewhat worn, prompting them to decide on a partial remodel.

This meant completely replacing the floors on all levels of every room. It was in the last room, also serving as a large playroom, that they made the incredible find.

They just wanted to replace the old floor

Emily shared a video on TikTok showing the pool hidden beneath the floor in the large room. Emily, who creates colored glass windows, fell in love with the house immediately. However, they were informed that the original owner had an indoor pool.

Emily and Jeffrey knew that there had been a pool in the playroom, but they assumed it had been filled with concrete, so it was quite a shock to find it still intact.

The original owners had simply built a wooden structure over the original pool and then laid flooring on top. Now, the couple faced the original pool and a hot tub.

The pool is nearly 4 meters deep

It's not just a wading pool they've acquired in the room, but a pool with a depth of 3.6 meters.

Commenting on the discovery, Emily said:

"We were very surprised to find it. It was frightening to pull up the floor and realize we were standing over a nearly 14-foot deep hole."

Suddenly, the couple faced a decision about what to do with the pool, which hadn't been operational for 20 to 30 years.

Getting it working again would be a major expense, which they couldn't afford. The room where the pool is located is completely waterproof, which they thought could be advantageous.

Pond in the Living Room

They would like to use it to create a pond with colorful fish and a green relaxation zone.

Implementation and subsequent operation would cost much less than a full pool.

They still haven't made a final decision and are open to suggestions on what could be done with such a deep pool in the house.

In a video, Emily even tries using the pool as a roller skate ramp. But after a while, she admits it probably wouldn't work very well. And what would you do with such a discovered treasure?