Watch: Restaurant Worker Caught on Video Cleaning Dishes in Dirty Trash Bin

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.09 - 2024 10:17 PM CET

Photo: X
Photo: X
Restaurant Worker Caught on Video Cleaning Dishes in Dirty Trash Bin.

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In a shocking revelation of unhygienic practices at a restaurant in Bandar Botanik, Malaysia, a video has surfaced showing a service worker washing dishes in an unconventional and unsanitary manner.

The worker was caught on camera rinsing dirty dishes in trash bins located behind the restaurant, raising serious health and sanitation concerns.

The incident was captured by a concerned individual, known on social media platform X as @elyasyusrizal. The footage shows the worker using two trash bins to wash and rinse dishes, a practice that is far from the standard sanitary protocols expected in food service establishments.

Watch the unhygienic video below:


Upon confronting the worker, @elyasyusrizal was met with a surprising justification. The worker claimed that the area where the trash bins were located was designated for washing dishes, not for disposing of waste. This response, however, did not alleviate the concerns regarding the hygienic standards being compromised.

The video has sparked outrage and concern among viewers, with many calling for immediate action to rectify such unsanitary practices. Displeased with the worker's explanation, @elyasyusrizal plans to report the incident to the authorities, aiming to prevent any recurrence of such negligent behavior in the future.

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