'World's most beautiful grandma' shares her secrets to 'eternal youth', and It starts in the shower

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.04 - 2023 10:39 AM CET

Photo: instagram
Photo: instagram
It starts in the shower.

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Gina Stewart, a 53-year-old from Australia's Gold Coast, has been dubbed the "world's most beautiful grandma."

She has recently revealed her secrets to maintaining her youthful appearance, and it's not just about beauty routines; it involves artificial intelligence (AI) as well.

Stewart has a digital alter ego created using AI technology.

"It has my facial expressions—my eyes, lips, hair, arms, legs, chest, and rear, all wrinkles and textures fully integrated," she shared with The Mirror. This digital version of her has gone viral, captivating her fans.

But Stewart's beauty regimen doesn't stop at high-tech solutions.

She also follows traditional beauty routines.

"I always end my showers with a cold splash to 'tighten and refresh' my skin," she disclosed. After stepping out of the shower, she opts for organic coconut oil as her go-to moisturizer. "I've kept my skin well-hydrated to preserve its youthful look since I was 19," she added.

In an era dominated by expensive creams and cosmetic procedures, Stewart proves that a blend of old-fashioned beauty routines and modern technology can be the key to eternal youth.

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