Calls for More Countries to Join: Denmark Accelerates Military Support

Written by Kathrine Frich

Jul.11 - 2024 12:17 AM CET

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock
They are partnering directly with the Ukrainian defense industry.

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Danish Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen has spearheaded a significant initiative to strengthen Ukraine’s military capabilities by partnering directly with the Ukrainian defense industry.

In a Pressrelease the defenseministy wrote that this paradigm shift in military donations aims to ensure faster and more effective support for the frontlines in Ukraine.

Logistical Advantages

The first delivery of 18 Bohdana artillery pieces, financed by Denmark, is expected within the coming months. "During my visit to several defense industry companies in Kyiv this spring, I was convinced of the potential to support Ukraine through direct acquisitions from their defense industry," Poulsen stated. "This approach ensures that the material requested by Ukrainians at the front can be produced and delivered nearby, providing obvious logistical advantages while helping to build Ukraine's defense industry."

The Danish donation is based on a formal recommendation from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Strategic Industry. During his visit earlier this year, Poulsen signed a letter of intent stating that future Danish donations could finance acquisitions directly from the Ukrainian defense industry.

Calls For More Countries to Follow

This was formalized in a cooperation agreement between Denmark and Ukraine in June, with the purchase of Ukrainian-produced artillery pieces being the first implementation of the project.

"I hope more countries will follow the Danish model for procurements in Ukraine. The Ukrainians' production capabilities exceed their current funding, presenting a significant potential for similar agreements to produce more material in Ukraine while also helping to build their defense industry," Poulsen added.

A decision has been made to allocate 1.2 billion DKK ($178 million USD) from the Ukraine Fund for acquisitions from the Ukrainian defense industry, with the Danish Parliament involved in the decision-making process for the donation package XIX.